Senior Researcher in Silicon Valley, California
Lecturer in Law
Danish Supreme Court Lawyer
Previously worked as prosecutor in Danish Appeal Courts
Previously clerked for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Denmark
Previously student at the Technical University of Denmark
First time programmed and used a computer back in 1971 at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen

E-mail: hssph "at" yahoo "dot" com

Born: 1953 in Copenhagen

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Interested in the following topics:

Six steppingstones:

Henrik's six steppingstones for doing research on public international computer network.


Court decisions - translated into English/Miscellaneous/Statements to the Press in

including the Courts "little" ABC on the Internet


See also:
My "help website" to finding law in the EU .
My brief manual of how to get into the study of foreign law published on Social Science Research Network.

My individual expert papers to the Twelfth U.N. Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (Brazil 12-19 2010):
Extradition & Cyberspace U.N. Doc: A/CONF.213/IE/4.
Upbringing of Minors in Cyberspace U.N. Doc: A/CONF.213/IE/5.
Cyberspace OR Sovereign States? U.N. Doc: A/CONF.213/IE/6.

June 12, 2013

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